Links shorteners to share web pages with style

Sharing a link can be a hassle if it is a very long address, replete with random numbers and letters. But there are ways to shorten links, share them comfortably and follow up.

On the internet, the brief is twice as good. Whether it’s an article, a video or an audio clip, if you can explain something in five words, better than ten. The same goes for web links. It is easier to remember a web domain or short link than a long one, especially if you have to mention it out loud.

In addition, sometimes you do not have much space to write a message and if you have to share an excessively long link, it is very likely that your message falls into oblivion or does not have the desired success.
Hence the popularity of link shorteners, which serve to convert addresses of a lot of words into a few easy numbers and letters to be shared aloud or in any digital or printed medium.
The main function of link shorteners is that, but the competition has made them incorporate more functions, such as obtaining statistical data from those who access that link and thus better understand your audience and make better decisions. Thus, you can analyze the traffic of your website, on the one hand, and use the link shortener to also analyze the access to your content via social networks or other sources where you share links with a shortener.


I start with Bitly because it is one of the first links shorteners and those that have better adapted to the emergence of competition.

In its shortener function, it offers several domains for this, depending on whether you use a free account or opt for Bitly’s professional service. In addition, you can use a shortener with numbers and random letters (free) or with a specific word as a brand (professional, paid).

The aspect of traffic analysis is very complete as well, indicating accesses in time and filtering by platform (mobile or PC), access source (social network, other page …).

Google URL Shortener

Google offers its own free link shortener in its product portfolio. Google URL Shortener allows you to share very long links by shortening them with your own short domain.

To use it, you do not need to register, although if you do, you can later analyze the traffic received through that short link with the help of Google’s own analysis tools and with your own tips.

Those responsible for the tool Hootsuite, for analysis and management of social networks, offer their own shortener,, which is integrated into your Hootsuite app but you can also use it for free and without having to register on its website.
If you are looking for a simple, fast shortener that limits itself to shortening links and you are not interested in analyzing the subsequent traffic, fulfills all your needs.

Another simple link shortener is, which as an incentive allows you to specify which word or combination of letters you want to add to the shortened link. Obviously, you can only use free words.

And for the professional field, you can customize the shortener for your own short domain name. To this service it is necessary to add functions of statistical analysis, links protected with a password, etc.


The TinyURL link shortener is another veteran, like Bitly. And as in the case of, you can customize the shortened link with a word.

For the rest, it does not offer any additional function. At most, you can add a bookmarklet to your link bar to create short links to the page you are currently visiting.